Tad Dowker – Owner

Tad is a graduate of Elk Rapids High School and Michigan Technological University. He holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree. As he went through High School and College he would work through the summers as crew leader for local dock companies. Tad always enjoyed the work and it was a great way to make money for school.  His best friend and current right hand man Jeremiah Steffen was along for most of those summers. After graduating college he was hired in Elk Rapids and thought the days on the water installing docks were behind him, but with Jeremiah he decided to take on a couple dock jobs for supplemental income.  NorthShore Dock started with 12 jobs in the spring of 2007 with Jeremiah and Tad working only weekends.  Little did they know this was the beginning of something much larger; the company grew exponentially over the next several years.  The key to our growth was doing the job correctly the first time, exceeding customer expectations, and keeping a good line of communication open.  Now that the company has grown the major thing that sets us apart from other companies is our employees.  We train our employees to have the same attitude we had from day one-caring about the customer and providing a quality service.   We keep our employees year after year, giving you a reliable team with a proven method of success.

Jessi Dowker – Office Manager

Jessi is a graduate of Elk Rapids High School and Michigan Technological University as well; she has degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Accounting.  After working locally in the accounting field Jessi quit her full time job to work for NorthShore.  She currently oversees the accounting functions and scheduling for NorthShore.  If you call during our peak times it is likely that you will be speaking with Jessi as she handles the phone calls while the guys are busy installing docks. When not working Jessi is kept busy by our two children Mason who is four and Kaelyn who is 7 months old.

Jeremiah Steffen-Shop Foreman

Jeremiah has been with NorthShore since startup in 2007 and has become an integral part of our business.  He graduated from Elk Rapids High School and has over 17 years of docking experience. He is the right hand man of our business.  Jeremiah has a vast knowledge base and diverse skillset that continues to evolve and grow with the company.  Outside of work Jeremiah does volunteer work for the Elk Rapids Rotary Club, Harbor Days and the Vasa Race. His hobbies include fishing, hunting, metal fabrication and outdoor based activities.

Ethan Dowker – Operations Manager

Ethan is a graduate of Elk Rapids High School and Ferris State University, where he has degrees in Accounting and Business Management.  He started with us back in 2008 and was initially a part-time employee making money for college. Through the years he has progressed through the company as a crew leader and has recently moved into the positon of Operations Manager.  He is a very dedicated employee that with a solid work ethic.

Mike Davis – Crew Leader

Mike started with NorthShore in 2014 and has over 6 years of experience docking.  He is very reliable, has a great work ethic and is detail oriented. He loves to be on the water and enjoys the physical aspect of work.  Outside of work Mike loves hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities; he also competes locally is bass fishing tournaments.

Dylan Cary – Crew Leader

Dylan is a graduate of Central Lake High School and started with us in the spring of 2015.  He was quick to impress with his great work ethic and ability to learn quickly. Coupled with his communication skills and drive to exceed expectations he has become a reliable and valuable part of the team.

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